• Luther Lange

The TRUTH about loosing fat and not weight !

Here is the real truth about getting rid of fat and not only water, vitamins, minerals and glycogen.

A lot of people have the misconception about loosing weight vs loosing fat. First of all they look similar but they are totally different, loosing weight don't mean you are burning fat almost all of this crazy diets in 90% of the cause they get you dehydrated, malnourished and also with lack of minerals, which means you are loosing healthy and are not getting better in anything.

Loosing fat also means changing fat for muscle, adding muscle your body needs to spend more calories to be functioning, which means the more muscle you have the less fat you will have, so focusing on getting muscle can be more beneficial than only doing things to loose or cut weight, and also remember that the focus here is to get ready of something our body don't need to have, they only fat is necessary is the essential one. Focus on a healthy diet and a regular exercise this will make your body change, don't believe in everything you see out there people are trying to sell something for you trust me, hard work, consistence is what you need.

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