• Luther Lange

The TOP 3 reasons you are not seeing results.

According to studies here are the TOP 3 reasons usually people don't see the results that they are expecting.

1 - Your stress level's are high

Being in a stress mood or environment can lead you to high Cortisol, which means your body will not function the way you want. High Cortisol is liked to Anxiety, not burning fat as a fuel, sleep disorder, binge eating and also water retention. Never forget to take a deep breath, go to yoga classes, go for a walk, do meditation those are some tips to achieve a good Cortisol level.

2 - You are not being patient

People want to see results as fast they start exercising and eating healthy, usually your body takes time to adapt to your new routine, and sometimes hitting to hard at the beginning can help to slow the results to show off, inflammation can bring you back. You need to wait at least 45 to 60 days to start seen some solid and real results, that's the time needed from your body to adapt completely to your new routine and stimulus.

3 - You are too high or too low in calories

Crash diet is not the key to get results because is not sustainable, in the other hand eating "healthy processed snacks" can be also a bad way to achieve a good calorie deficit.

Eating from 100 to 500 calories less than you spend is the sweet spot for your body to burn and be in a good deficit range, if you go over like 1000 or 1500 your body will only answer you with inflammation, muscle degeneration, cortisol increase, water retention. So what that means do go crazy on cutting calories. But also be careful about food that pretend to be healthy, like a salad dressing can have almost 1000 calories, never forget to check the nutrition facts about the food that you eating, is the best way to keep in track and control about your calories.

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