• Luther Lange

NO- CARBS diet food options.

Usually carbs are your first option for fuel used for our body, when you stop giving it another source must be found to generate energy usually amino acids and fats become the new source. Knowing that we can presume that if we stop eating carbs we make our main energy source amino acids and fat, helping to loose weight. Being in a no carb or low carb diet for a short amount of time can be a really good option to cut then fat off. But remember that restricting then for long time could generate overeating, weight rebound and metabolism damage, so that's why it is important to have someone taking care of your nutrition plan.

Here is my top 3 foods that you can use on your no-carb diet.

1 - Seafood.

2 - Avocado.

3 - Cauliflower.

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