• Luther Lange

Staying on track while being on vacation

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

During vacation people usually give up about healthy habits, being a Coach I found some tips that can help you keep on the healthy side.

Before going straight for, pizza, pasta, bread or any other high carbs foods, start your meal with a full plate of salad and also a good source of fiber like veggies, seed or a little portion of nuts ( high on fat, that's why you should go for small portions )

Prefer sparkling water with lemon rather than sodas. The lemon will help your body to detoxify and also will improve your digestion, while the soda will do exactly the opposite.

On the desert the key is to share or go for a fruit options. When you share a dessert you already feed your desire but also save some calories. ( usually an apple pie have 700 calories, if you share by 2 will save you 350 calories )

Espresso and green tea can boost your metabolism during snacks pick one o then to spike a little caffeine in your system and get a good thermogenic effects.

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