• Luther Lange

Do you want muscles ? TOP 5 muscle builder.

1. Creatine for sure is one of the best muscle builder you can find out there, many researches has showed the amazing benefits of this well know supplement.

2. Heavy weights sets, performing having weights you will signalize to your but that you need a bigger muscle to help it to perform bigger amount of weights.

3. Rest, doing proper rest will boost your speed recovery, your hormones imbalance, improve your metabolism and also give you a better mood to keep on track. ( Usually 2 days a week you should focus on resting your body )

4. Water, drink your water if you want muscle our body is 70% of water if you do not drink enough water your body will find a way to let you know about it. Recommendation is usually 1 gallon a day for healthy persons, that includes juices, coffee, fruits, veggies.

5. Magnesium, one of the most important minerals for building muscles, and also prevents you for the cramps, this minerals plays a role in regulating muscle contractions.

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