• Luther Lange

Best hour to workout !

Many many researches shows different things. Some people are more morning person some are evenings and some others night person. In my opinion during many years in the fitness segment I found out that the best hour to workout is the one you like the most, is the one that you more comfortable on a routine and less chances to miss a workout. I have seen many people failing because they are trying to be someone they are not, you love to stay wake at night, we already know you won't wake up early in the morning, so keep your workout during at night so the chances of failures in the morning will not exist.

Being a morning person, letting your workout after a full day of work and activities a workout will not be your favorite choice when you get home. Listen more to what your body want to tell you, everyone is different, follow your instinct use your qualities upon on your favor, you just need to become a better you every single day, don't compare to others, focus on what you are good at.

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