• Luther Lange

Be more active !

Living in the XXI century could be challenging, with the increase of the technology going out for your groceries is getting put a side for the e-commerce platform. What the means, step by step we are becoming more sedentary than we use to be, on demand products online are creating a barrier between us and a simple walk to a pharmacy, supermarket, shopping malls, we start to stay more at home then ever. The message that I want to give you guys is to not accommodate, we humans are made for actives, we need to move our body we are not made to stay at home sited.

Evolution was a great process for us but now we need to watch out for this little things that can make the whole difference in ours future. Don't let the commodious be part of your daily routine, try to use less your car, go for a walk, use your bike, being active will bring you benefits in all aspects on your life, don't let technology remove this from you, use the tech to help achieve better results on keeping your body moving.

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