• Luther Lange

3 Mistakes Women do with diet

1- Eating fake healthy food and snacks

This one of the most common mistakes Women do, being addicted to sweet flavor most of then go straight for protein and granola bars. But what they forget to see is the nutritional facts of every product most of all this bars that you buy on the groceries stores have the same impact as eating your Favorite candy bar.

Sounds super fine to change your food for a salad right ? No it's depended on what you put inside of it, some dressing can go up to 1.000 calories, and if you add nuts and cheese you can insert another 500 calories . Be smart do clever choices and always look and ask about the nutrition facts.

2- Too much cardio

Your body won't like if you are restricting calories and doing tons of cardio. It must have a balanced nutrition and exercises routine so your body feels comfortable to burn fat and not to mess up with your hormones. Make a good plan and slowly increase intensity and time of your workouts. Don't go crazy the more restricted and crazy you go on a diet or exercises the same speed you will give up and get not results, be patient, be smart have a plan.

3- Being obsessed with Instagram fitness model

First of all they are not beauty, skinny, toned, happy as you think they are. They live for that, they don't have a normal life. They Photoshop, do extreme diets and techniques just to take a picture, this is not sustainable, what you see is not even true, don't blame your self for not achieving the same body. Love your self more than anything, the only one you need to compare is the OLD you vs the NEW you. Everyone is different, don't compare yourself to others, this will not take you anywhere. Be proud of you, cheers for small improvements, give your best to become a better version of yourself.

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